Open Service Positions

GSR Trainer: The GSR Trainer helps us welcome and train new Group Service Representatives when they come to Area for the first time. They are required to have been a GSR and have 1 year clean.

Secretary: Every month at our Area Service Committee, we need someone to take notes, send those notes out to the email list, and scan forms to the computer for our records. You must be able to attend our Area meeting the 2nd Sunday of each month and have a computer. Contact us if you or someone you know would like to apply for this position. We ask that you have at least 1 year clean.

Secretary-In-Training: As our Secretary-In-Training, you'll be able to fill in for our Secretary in their absence. This includes coming to Area and taking notes, sending them out to the email list, and scanning any forms that were submitted. We ask that you have at least 6 months clean. Contact us if you or someone you know would like to fill this position at Area.


We do have a need for volunteers in on the H&I Subcommittee. If you are interested in going to an NA meeting once a month at one of the institutions we serve, please contact us at .

You can also download this file to pass around at your Home Group so we can find even more volunteers. Then return the sign-up sheet by email or in person at the next Area Meeting.

The Activities Subcommittee could use more volunteers to help organize and put on events.



Area Meetings:

Our Area Service Committee meets the 2nd Sunday of each month.
Begins at 3:00pm

Christadelphian Community Church
8970 SW Murray Blvd
Beaverton, OR 97008

It is at this meeting that you can:
-Connect with other homegroups
-Get GSR (Group Service Representative) Training
-Buy literature
-Get help with group issues
-Pick up event flyers
-Make an Area donation
-Vote on Area policies
...and much more! Still have questions about what Area does and how you can participate? Contact us now and we'll do our best to answer all your questions.