Area Subcommittee Meetings

All of our Area Subcommittees meet at this address on the 2nd Sunday of the month:

4755 SW Griffith Dr, Room 150
Beaverton, Or 97005


Hospitals & Institutions:

10:00am - 11:00am

Did you learn about NA through a treatment center, jail, or institution that held an NA meeting on site? You can help give back what was freely given to you by joining the H&I Subcommittee. Each month NA members sign up and go to meetings held in Hospitals & Institutions so that people who can't get out to regular meetings can hear the message of NA. You don't need any specific amount of clean time to join but you do need at least 6 months clean to share at an H&I meeting.


Public Relations:

11:00am - 12:00pm

One of the ways we can carry out our primary purpose of helping the addict who still suffers is to make sure people know that NA exists and what it is about. The PR Subcommittee does presentations for teachers, doctors, counselors, probation officers, judges, and many more community members so they understand what NA is and how it can help addicts they know. We also maintain this website so correct and useful information is available to people seeking info online. We put up flyers on public bulletin boards with our Area phone-line on it so those who want to call for help can do so. Our job is to reach out to the public and build relationships with  people so  when someone can benefit from NA, the resources will be available to them. If this sounds like something you're passionate about doing, please join us at our next meeting!



12:00pm - 1:00pm

If you really enjoy going to NA potlucks, dances, speaker meetings, camp-outs, retreats, etc, then you might be interested in joining the Activities Subcommittee. They plan our Area events together! We can always use more fresh ideas, creative thinkers, and well-organized people.


*For WCNA documents, forms, surveys, and more, go to our Documents Page.