Washington County Narcotics Anonymous

Is NA For Me?

This is a question every potential member must answer for themselves. It may help to read some of our informational pamphlets, starting with  "Am I an addict?"  and "Welcome to NA".

If you’re an addict, NA can help. "Narcotics Anonymous offers recovery to addicts around the world. We focus on the disease of addiction rather than any particular drug.  Our message is broad enough to attract addicts from any social class or nationality. When new members come to meetings, our sole interest is in their desire for freedom from active addiction and how we can be of help."    (It Works: How and Why, “Third Tradition”)

If you’re planning to attend your first meeting, you may also be interested in reading "An Introduction to NA Meetings."

You can check out our Meetings page and find one by day or by location. Closed meetings are only for addicts or those who think they might have a drug problem. Open meetings welcome anyone who wants to attend, including interested non-addicts.

You can call our Phone-Line 24 hours a day for more information and immediate assistance: 503-345-9839

If you don't need immediate assistance, you can email us for more info or to ask questions at: info@washingtoncountyna.org